Grundfos Releases New Pump Sizing Program

Access the Product Center Here

Grundfos Pumps has announced the release of a new sizing program intended to replace the Grundfos WebCAPS program. The Grundfos Product Center is designed to work the way that you do, being highly interactive and flexible.
Think of the Grundfos Product Center as your personal assistant for all things Grundfos. It can remember who you are, how you prefer to work, and your recent searches and other activity. Just log in, and the Product Center displays any recent and saved items – including complete projects – right on the main page. What’s more, the entire Product Center system is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, so you can access it anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet device.
For each pump in our product catalogue, the Grundfos Product Center gives you all the information you need – including pump curves, technical specs, CAD drawings, available spare parts, installer guides, videos and other documentation – all in one place on the pump’s product page. Just search for or size your way to the pump you want, and the pump’s product page is your entry to a virtual encyclopedia of useful knowledge about the pump in question.
The Grundfos Product Center is an online search and sizing tool that helps you choose the right pump for installation or replacement, or find information about pumps you already have. In the Product Center, you can size pumps, browse the Grundfos product catalogue, find appropriate replacement pumps, and find pumps for handling specific liquids. And as the definitive product search system for all of Grundfos, the Product Center covers every sector we serve, including domestic and commercial building services, the water supply industry, wastewater management, industry and OEM solutions.


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