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Triangle Tube Western Training Facility

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The TM Sales training center is host to the Triangle Tube Western Training Facility (WTF).  The WTF hosts all of Triangle Tube's factory approved training courses for the Western United States.  All classes are hands-on in nature, and taught by a Triangle Tube national trainer.

Triangle Tube 101 - Applications and Installation

The Applications and Installation class is a day and a half course that will teach you the essentials of the Triangle Tube TriMax and ACVmax boilers, including:


- Proper applications of the boiler

- Making the boiler condense

- Proper near boiler piping

- Electrical wiring interface

- Boiler control set-up

- Commisioning and Start-Up

- Combustion Analysis

- Basic Troubleshooting

- and Much More!


Please contact Devanie at if you are interested in I & A Training as there are no current 

classes on the books. 


Triangle Tube Training Sign Up Form

Triangle Tube 201- Prestige Service and Maintenance

The Prestige Service and Maintenance class is a hands-on one day class addressing the recommended service and maintenance of the Triangle Tube Prestige boiler.  This is a hands-on class where you will physically perform all recommended service procedures, including: Removal of the blower and gas train, cleaning and service of the heat exchanger, removal and replacement of the heat exchanger, and replacement of the control among other items.


Cost: $85 (includes training and meals)

                    Hotel available at an addition cost


Upcoming Dates (2019):


July 23rd, 24th or 25th


Please download the Sign-Up Form below, fill it out, save it, and email it to


Triangle Tube Training Sign Up Form

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